Response for services page:

Response for services page:
  1. Would like to see the “Professional ice rink Installation to be the first one of the options. Can the word synthetic be replaced with refrigerated? Note: providing only the best quality refrigerated ice rink flooring using cutting-edge technology.
  2. Ice rink Reduction and Energy sufficient Rink Installation be combined
  3. Refrigeration Systems and Retrofits; (we build our own equipment) would like to add we also offer new and used Chillers and dehumidifiers.
  4. Maintenance and Education; looks great!
  5. Service to be added:
  6. Seasonal/ temporary ice rinks

Industrial Ice offers many designs of outdoor temporary ice rinks and ice slides. Portable ice rinks and slides can be available for delivery and set up ready to be used in just a few days! We have experience of quickly transforming a shopping mall or city into a fun-filled ice rink skating adventure for all ages. Call or email us today for a quote.

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